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📅 enero 28 , 2020

Learned only one skill? Then prepare to be left behind and fail

This is a short english-writing one. Sitting on my desk tonight (Jan 28th, 2020) a sticky thought comes in and starts to make circles around my mind.

The top level engineers, designers and developers are precisely top because they mix knowledge to increase their value inside a company or to a client, for a UI Designer in example, he mostly don’t worry about content, copywriting because “That’s not their work”, and just wait for someone else provide the contents and just place them in the design.

Like all other “Normal” designers, who just want to stay in their confort zone 🙃

BUT, what if this designer could not only make an awesome, outstanding UI design but also, perfectly integrate a meticulously crafted copywriting into that design, which improves exponentially the user experience? THAT HELPS A LOT when building a product, or a website and provide a tremendous amount of value to the client / company and the designer itself 🚀

Or a developer who can build simple yet meaningful UIs – This is a little bit like me -, this one could build an entirely website by itself, increasing his value a lot and at the end, providing more value to his work.

This kind of persons are the ones great companies are looking for all the time, companies like where I work: Ideaware, or companies in Silicon Valley, NY, TX… etc, and hey, the cost of learning another skill is: The desire to be better, the desire to be a top designer, a top developer, someone who truly understands that this business is all about value 📈

If you are a designer, a developer or a marketing guy… etc, don’t stay in your confort zone, don’t let others take jobs that you’re able to do. Designers, learn about copy, marketing, UX (for good) or even development, developers the same, marketing guys the same, learn more and intersect knowledge!

And hey, if you have a different profession, like lawyer or accountant, don’t you think this is not applied to you! This could be applied to anyone! What if a lawyer knows about financial? or accountant? or maybe a engineer that also knows about architecture and physicist? The possibilities are only bounded to what you want to do and what you want to achieve. Thats it.

So, are you going to stay in confort zone for another year?

No te pierdas de nada 😉

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